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Message from our Chief Bale Stopper

Posted on 01/08/2015 by Bale Push Administrator in General News

This time last year I hadn’t the first idea of what I was letting myself in for – THE BALE STOPS HERE said my beautiful red T shirt – and when it came, I hadn’t ‘been there and done that’ yet – it was all to happen. So, dutifully did I turn up, with my husband who provided the necessary bulk and stability for the job, to discover what it was all about.

Of course I’d read the reports and heard all about it from other people, but nothing, absolutely nothing, could have prepared me for the atmosphere – the ‘high’, the excitement which six hours of bale stopping provided!

As the evening proceeded, so the anticipation grew. We knew there were more teams than ever before – would there be more money raised than ever before? Would the records be broken for the fastest push ever? It all looked very possible. I was jumping up and down with excitement – and some of these ladies teams looked incredibly professional – meaning business all the way.

The children clearly loved taking part in the early stages with their smaller bales. Full of enthusiasm, their joy or disappointment depending on how they did was evident – but it was all worth it for the pleasure of participation. The press photographers added to the dynamic atmosphere as the aroma of pasties filled the air.

Then the men’s teams started to come through. The pace hotted up – more beer was consumed to keep up the morale and the strength whilst the teams awaited their turn – in a few cases the wait proved too long, the beer too plentiful and some, quite literally, fell by the wayside.

The final result – a well won victory and every record smashed, money raised as never before and distributed locally to carefully selected charities, an amazing number of people in the village for the event, and a wonderful time enjoyed by all who came in the spirit of fun.

Well done indeed to a committee who put many hours of hard work into the organisation of the bale push, and well done to a village who pull together to do so much good for others. Although I don’t live in Crantock, I spend a considerable amount of time here as one of the ministry team serving the parish, and feel very proud indeed to serve the church and village and be part of its ethos. It’s a very exciting place to be – especially on Bale Push Night!

Last year the Crantock Church Roof Fund was helped by the Bale Push donation and we are delighted to report that we now have the money in place and the work will begin later this year. Thank you so much for that help.

I look forward with great anticipation to donning my red T shirt again in September and another evening full of fun and exhilaration, and wish everyone involved a happy and fruitful Bale Push 2015. This time I can say I’ve ‘been there, done that and got the T shirt’ - a T shirt to be worn with pride. Thank you for involving me again.

With blessings for another great event.

Rev’d Hilary Spong

Assistant Curate, the United Benefice of Perranzabuloe with Crantock and Cubert